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Eva Nali SpacekEva Nali Spacek

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors.

As a little girl, growing up in an orphanage, I was told, by a kind old man, not to be afraid of colours. I must have been around 7 or so, when he came to “See” me. I knew he didn’t come in to adopt me. Yet, I just had this Deja Vu feeling inside me that I knew him, even though I had never met him before. Weird. I know. More so, I felt that I would never see his face again. It was a brief moment, yet so powerful, embedded inside me forever.

As we all know, the Universe works in mysterious ways. When I came to Canada, and happened to visit Homer Watson Gallery, I was intrigued. The statue of Homer Watson, hiding in shadow of the corner at the back of his room, kept trying to get my attention. So I sensed and came closer. I looked at him. Mesmerized, I was not able to look away. His physical features were as elegant, loving, and exact as those I remember from my childhood.

The words, “Don’t be afraid of colours”, have taken on a life of their own, resonating within me. 

My artistic life started 4 years ago. Although I have no formal training in art, I still like to see my colours through feelings. I like beautiful things that is why I paint. I don’t know how, I just paint.

If you found my colours beautiful, then I’d say, Thank You.

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I don't have much, but I have colours.